Employee Loan Policy To safeguard your company’s interests, you should formalize your employee loan arrangement, have your employee sign a promissory note, maintain meticulous records of the agreement, and charge an interest rate equal to or more than the Applicable Federal Rate if the loan is above $10,000 Ipass.net isRead More →

Employment rate is on the rise in Armenia Since the Velvet Revolution of 2018, more than 125,000 jobs have been created in Armenia. And this, according to “revolutionary” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, is a “historic record”. According to the Prime Minister, During the same period, the wage bill increased byRead More →

When thinking about the employee experience, people leaders tend to think primarily of results, whether it’s performance reports or survey results. However, when companies are striving to improve the overall experience, focusing on the process of getting results can dramatically improve results. Culture Amp recently conducted research to understand theRead More →

Neil Yorke, director of The Best Connection The Best Connection offers driving, industrial, warehousing and distribution jobs and has reached out to the Ukrainian community to get them to work. Branch manager Kerry Jones found Ukrainians through social media, followed by face-to-face meetings that quickly resulted in a married coupleRead More →

New Delhi: Slamming defense aspirants protesting central government’s Agnipath recruitment scheme, Union minister and former army chief General (Ret’d) VK Singh says military recruitment drive was voluntary and that burning trains and buses wouldn’t help anyone’s cause. “Joining the army is voluntary and not a compulsion. If an aspirant wantsRead More →

June 14, 2022 The number of temporary workers in the UK rose 4.9% year-on-year to nearly 1.67 million in the three months from February to April, according to seasonally adjusted data released today. today by the UK Office for National Statistics. Compared to the previous three-month period, the number ofRead More →

Unemployment fell to 5.1%. Canadians haven’t been so successful since 1976. On average, permanent workers are paid 3.9% more than they were a year ago and that number is only growing — it’s up 4.5% in May, one percentage point more than in April. . Currently, the densest labor marketsRead More →

The country’s employment rate improved in April 2022, estimated at 94.3%, or around 45.63 million Filipinos employed, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported yesterday. The report said the increase this year was around 2.36 million, compared to 43.27 million or 91.3% employment rate in April 2021. The country’s unemployment rateRead More →

Image: https://www.feb.gov/ Emergency preparedness and the development and support of the federal workforce remained top priorities in 2021 for federal executive councils, along with building partnerships among agencies, according to the councils’ annual report. . The 28 FEBs nationwide are centered in major cities and some smaller ones with largeRead More →