APN Podcast: Has the employment rate of immigrants in Finland really increased? | New

This week, All Points North hears about increased efforts to find jobs for foreigners in Finland and also learns about the origins and effects of ‘Rally English’.

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Yle News’ All Points North podcast asks why Finland needs a recruitment agency just for immigrants.

“Because I am a foreigner, I know how much these people suffer to find a job”, Shaho Jaff from Eezy Shine in eastern Helsinki told APN.

The latest labor market figures suggest the employment rate for foreigners is higher than ever in Finland, but are newcomers actually getting the jobs they want?

“I think they need to make it clear to employers that they are not providing cheap or less skilled labor through this separate agency,” explained Antti Kaihovaaraintegration expert at the Ministry of Labour.

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What drives the “English Rally”

APN also traces the roots of ‘Rally English’ and how it became a denigration among Finns, after a Yle News article on the subject came to public attention.

“Terms [Rally English and tankeroenglanti] are linked to a common embarrassment or even shame at the Finnish way of speaking English. The fact that it’s considered a joke puts a lot of pressure on people,” he added. henna paakkidoctoral researcher in linguistics at the University of Helsinki, said.

Public comments this week draw attention to Finnair’s refunds and ask why unions aren’t doing more to deal with Finland’s rising cost of living.

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This week’s show was hosted by Ronan Brown and Zena Iovino. The sound engineer was Mikko Kymäläinen.

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