apple: Fund of 50 million dollars for the development of the employees of the suppliers of Apple | India Business News

BENGALURU: In what looks like a response to the type of incident that happened at the Wistron factory near Bengaluru in 2020, Apple has launched a $50 million supplier employee development fund to expand the opportunities for learning and skills development among the employees of its suppliers around the world. It will also create new programs, training and worker feedback mechanisms that will help ensure a safe and respectful work environment for people throughout its supply chain.
Apple had witnessed a riot of workers in the Narasapura factory of its supplier Wistron, near Bangalore. Apple and Wistron had acknowledged that there had been delays in payments to workers. There were also accusations of improper working hours management processes.
Virtual and in-person learning is designed to enhance professional development and capabilities in coding, robotics, and advanced manufacturing to prepare them for employment in the future.
Apple has partnered with the International Labor Organization, the International Organization for Migration and education experts around the world to support initiatives across its supply chain.
India will be one of the countries to benefit from the new educational resources that would be made available to employees of industrial partners alongside the United States, China and Vietnam. By 2023, Apple said it expects more than 100,000 supplier employees to participate in new learning opportunities.
“We put people first in everything we do, and we’re proud to announce a new commitment to accelerate our progress and bring even more opportunities to people throughout our supply chain,” said Sarah Chandler, Apple’s Senior Director of Environment and Supply Chain. innovation.
Sabih Khan, who heads Apple’s global supply chain, wrote in the 16th edition of the annual People and Environment in Our Supply Chain: new partnership will bring even more coherence to the training that our suppliers put in place today.
Apple said it has begun requiring potential suppliers in India, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam to complete placement agency mapping and responsible labor recruitment training. as part of its due diligence process for the selection of suppliers.