Australian Employment Agency seeking Irish candidates to meet unprecedented labor demand

Known as the land of plenty, Australia lives up to its name in every way, including job opportunities.

And with some of the most exquisite scenery in the world – plus the added benefit of strong diplomatic relations with Ireland, the continent holds the promise of thriving career opportunities for expats in a range of core industries, such as :

  • Mining / Oil and Gas
  • Construction (commercial and civil)
  • Trades and Services
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Health care
  • Labor and construction
  • Regional and remote hospitality
  • Facilities Management

No one can attest to the appeal of living and working in Australia more than Unite resourcesThe founder and CEO of Aidan Murphy.

“I moved to Australia from Ireland with no real intention of staying, but like so many others I fell in love with the lifestyle and the opportunities.

“These are some of the main reasons why I established Unite resources – to give others the same chance to live the “Australian dream”, working in some of the biggest industries in the country.

The advantage of changing careers in Australia – whether for skills advancement or to fund travel – is that Unite resources can identify and implement opportunities tailored to your individual needs.

From a recruitment perspective, Unite resources has found that many of its international applicants appreciate a hassle-free approach to travel and relocation.

For this reason, the company takes care of all the logistical elements for successful placements that one might otherwise navigate alone – from assistance with visa applications and job identification, to accommodation and flights.

Visa applications have always been a source of pain for job seekers looking to work in Australia. Fortunately, starting July 1, the country’s migration program saw some welcome changes, easing red tape and pathways to employment, in support of the huge talent shortage that exists.

With some of the most flexible working conditions in the world and competitive wages in high growth industries, now is the time to head down and capitalize on a nation hungry for talent.

To find out more about employment opportunities and the job security process in Australia, visit our LinkedIn or see the Unite Resourcing page International Recruitment EOI Page.

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