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source of staff

Privately owned and operated in Northwest Indiana for over 22 years, Staff Source prides itself on working to deeply understand customer needs and culture and ensure a good fit for businesses and employees.

The company maintains a proprietary database of more than 123,000 current and former employees and candidates, providing team members with easy access to job performance records and detailed interview notes.

The result is a process that is as simple and transparent as possible for everyone involved. And as the pandemic begins to wane and businesses scramble to find workers, it’s a process that more and more local employers will turn to Staff Source to facilitate.

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“Finding employees only to have them leave because they are not suitable or do not have the required skills is a huge expense for companies and a waste of time for everyone,” says the president of Staff Source, Mirko Marich, a permanent resident of northwest Indiana who runs the company with his wife, Kari. “We try to minimize this risk by thoroughly vetting job applicants, providing guidance and conducting testing and selections specific to our clients’ needs. We are grateful to all those companies who have trusted us, and all those people who have trusted us to help them find a job or advance their career. »


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