Booming UK labor market hits record employment

The number of workers has again hit a new high and the unemployment rate remains at its lowest level since the mid-1970s as the UK labor market continues to boom, according to new figures released yesterday (Tuesday 21 January 2020) .

All regions of the UK have benefited from a recovery in employment since 2010. The number of workers is climbing to a record level in the North West at 3.55 million.

And, with weekly wages continuing to rise, outpacing inflation for a 22nd straight month, workers across the country can expect their money to go a little further.

Contributing to the fall in overall unemployment, women continue to benefit the most from Britain’s booming jobs market – with 317,000 more people entering the job market in the last year alone to hit a record high.

Today’s figures also show an increase in the number of people taking up quality careers offering real progression – as 3.1 million more people have taken up higher-skilled jobs since 2010 – representing more than 80% of job growth.

Employment Minister Mims Davies said:

These figures not only show more people in work than ever before, but it’s also nice to see alongside this an increase in the number of people in more skilled positions. This means that as the decade dawns, the opportunities to advance in the workplace are there, with people already enjoying another month of rising wages.

This, coupled with the return of business confidence, sets the stage for an even stronger job market in 2020.

And with unemployment at its lowest since the 1970s, our job centers go beyond getting people on board – they’re community-focused and progress-focused. Reach more people and help those who work to move forward.

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