Creating learning opportunities – how AbbVie approaches employee development

Just as AbbVie strives for innovation in the discovery and development of new medicines, it always seeks to be more innovative in its approach to learning. One of the ways leaders do this is by creatively imparting knowledge during To learn. Develop. Carry out. (PLD) Weekan award-winning initiative dedicated to employee development.

During this week and throughout the year, AbbVie’s entire global workforce can explore learning opportunities and hear from internal and external leaders around the world. In the six years the company has hosted the event, organizers have challenged themselves to come up with new creative offerings, ranging from music videos to TED Talks, a 24-hour radio station, a comedy sketch show , a TV show, podcasts and webinars.

Throughout this program and other creative programs held throughout the year, AbbVie leaders make it a point to measure and gather employee feedback to learn what to improve and adapt. Some of the things teams measure include program participation, employee sentiment, the impact of skills development on culture, and the relationship between development and engagement.

“We always challenge ourselves to raise the bar,” says Richmond. “It’s hard work, but if we stay focused on amplifying our people, our culture and our strategy, we know we will continue to have a remarkable impact on patients’ lives.”