Data analysis skills are now at the heart of employee development

Dive brief:

  • After decades of advising job applicants to acquire essential computer coding skills, it is becoming clear that more and more employers are looking for candidates who have data analytics under their belt.

  • Gene Richardson, COO of Experts Exchange, who contributes to Venture Beat, shares that despite plans to train adults ready to work in careers that involve writing code for new applications in the future, like the President Obama’s TechHire initiative and Computer Science for All program, the majority of businesses are not adequately served by this skill alone.

  • Richardson advises companies to prepare the workforce through employee development programs in data analysis, such as scripting language training, deductive reasoning skills, and simple SQL commands, because the education system current does not provide enough real-world learning.

Dive overview:

While coding is a valuable skill for applicants, most employees are now expected to have at least a basic understanding of the programming language. However, what is more important for companies is how they organize, report and use the huge amount of data generated. Richardson makes a good point when he says, “The world’s most in-demand coding skill isn’t the one that lets you build a startup … it’s the ability to perform advanced analysis on data.” which creates rich meaning from raw numbers. “

What does this mean for many employers? It requires employee learning and development programs that test not only a general understanding of coding, but also how to use databases and reporting software to generate meaningful reports. HR needs to focus on creating a data culture. Data analysis should be treated as a priority, which helps companies make strategic decisions, safeguard their value and measure competitiveness in any market.