Delta variant slows recovery of employment rate

Employers nationwide added 235,000 jobs last month, while forecasters expected 750,000.

TYLER, Texas – New employment data from the US Department of Labor shows new hire rates are well below expectations – more than three times lower.

Help-seeking signs are scattered throughout East Texas. Denise Sanders, owner of Topp’s Pizza, has her own store.

“It’s a fight. I walk through so many people, ”Sanders said.

Sanders said she received very little help throughout the pandemic and the people she was able to hire were disappearing within the first week.

“I have a lot of people who don’t show up for interviews or show up for an interview and they don’t show up on day one,” Sanders said. “I have some that start on the first day and they don’t ‘I don’t come back on the second day. I have some that work two days, don’t come on weekends and try to come back on Monday like nothing has happened. . “

To fill the void, she is in a restaurant, sometimes 11 hours a day.

“I see signs of seeking help all over the place, which makes me feel better than it’s not just me,” Sanders said.

Dog trainer Judy Parsons with PetSmart has also noticed the signs.

“I’m hoping people can kind of pound the pavement and take some of these jobs that need to be taken,” Parsons said. “We have a great team here – great managers and floor workers. We work as a team. You know a lot of us have been here a long time so a lot of us are like family. pack.”

PetSmart has had no trouble retaining its employees during the pandemic. Parson, who has worked there for 25 years, said that as long as the Tylerites continue to love dogs, the “pack” will remain intact.