Employee Development Division Launches Monthly Podcast


By David Herbold, February 9, 2021

Cal Poly Pomona’s employee and organizational development and advancement division launched a new podcast, The CPP CommunityCast, last month in hopes of reconnecting the campus amid the pandemic. The podcast, hosted by the Strategic Learning and Organizational Excellence Initiatives team, explores career defining moments for the Broncos, offers professional advice and discusses development opportunities.

The podcast is designed to be an entertaining experience that showcases the Broncos with interesting ideas, experiences or helpful tips to share with the campus community.

The CPP CommunityCast features four hosts: Learning and Development Consultants Andrea Handy and Jesus Avalos as well as Administrative Intern Miguel Urrutia and Talent Acquisition Advisor Bryan Taylor. The idea is to promote engagement between students, staff, and faculty during a time when face-to-face interaction is limited.

“Our goal is to entertain, engage and hopefully inspire the CPP community,” added Avalos.

The CPP CommunityCast podcast features four team leaders from Strategic Learning and Organizational Excellence initiatives that aim to reconnect the campus community in the midst of the pandemic. (Courtesy of employee and organizational development and advancement)

Michelle Elrod, Senior Director of Strategic Learning and Organizational Excellence Initiatives, explained that her team invests in staff development to create a better student life experience; thus, the podcast was developed as an extension of his efforts to improve the leadership and organizational skills of the campus community.

Elrod explained that the podcast is a tool for the Strategic Learning and Organizational Excellence initiatives team to feature engaging guests who will share meaningful ideas that will allow listeners to connect and grow as people. According to Elrod, guests will include “thought leaders on and off campus who can provide insight and perspective on a particular topic.”

The topics covered in each podcast will be specific to the guest’s expertise in their career and life experience. For example, Elrod, billed as the first guest on the podcast, shared stories related to leadership that she has learned throughout her life journey.

Elrod explained that the familiar and laid-back approach to the interview included both a thought-provoking discussion of the challenges she has faced in her career as well as interacting with the hosts. She shared tips from her work experience and life tips she’s adopted over time.

The CommunityCast CPP is uploaded to YouTube for easy access and includes closed captions.

“We want people to connect on a personal level with our guests and hosts and hopefully learn a few things that will make them think or help them be more effective and fulfilled personally and professionally,” said Avalos.

The CPP CommunityCast plans to release new episodes each month, and the first episode is available on its YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUApsGJ2brQm45hro6-irxA.