Extract from the fifth third ESG 2020 report: employee development


Posted 09-15-21

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Fifth Third’s learning and development programs are built on a growth mindset, the belief that everyone’s skills and abilities can be enhanced through dedication and work inspired by a thirst for learning.

We believe that learning and development must be accessible to meet a range of employee needs and respond to a work environment in which skills must evolve rapidly. Thus, we offer a rich mix of education, experiences, exposure and tools necessary to expand knowledge and skills.

Each year, Fifth Third requires all employees and agency / contract workers to complete a series of risk and compliance related courses. Together, these courses support strong risk management behaviors and teach employees how to be accountable for risk management. Compliance officers and executives in each line of business approve all training specific to an employee’s role. A set of courses are launched each quarter and employees have time to complete the full courses during working hours. New employees, whether new to the fifth third or to a particular position through transfer or promotion, are assigned courses differently from existing employees. Our Doing the Right Thing course consists of eight modules related to our Core Values, our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, and how we manage risk while interacting with and serving our clients.

In 2020, on-demand voluntary learning opportunities increased and gave employees the opportunity to take advantage of three different resources. LinkedIn Learning offers courses in business, technology, and creative categories; Harvard ManageMentor is a learning and performance support resource for essential management skills; and Pluralsight, a technology skills-based platform, focuses on today’s most demanded technologies and tools. These resources are connected through a user-friendly learning platform called Degreed. Degreed offers a unique and fluid skills development experience, powered by artificial intelligence and aimed at developing the skills of today and tomorrow.


As part of Human Capital’s strategic priority of developing great leaders, Fifth Third has deliberately established a set of four leadership capabilities that align with our company’s vision, core values ​​and strategic priorities, and which enhance the capabilities of our leaders to drive success and empowerment in an increasingly diverse workforce and digital environment. The abilities are: bonding, being a great coach, leading with agility, and acting like an owner.

In 2020, we launched a series of Comprehensive Leadership Skills Learning Paths. Each learning path includes self-guided online training and resources, as well as an instructor-led virtual learning simulation. Immersive simulations require leaders to demonstrate their leadership abilities while grappling with some of the most difficult and defining challenges they are likely to face as the business continues to evolve and transform. Learning Paths, as well as Learning Cafes, provide managers with flexible opportunities to focus on building skills, socialize and collaborate with other leaders, and deepen their knowledge on key topics through group interactions such as discussion forums and debriefing sessions.


Our Women in Leadership program is one way to address the gender imbalance in leadership positions. This is an integrated development experience for high performing women leaders who have a significant impact on the success of the Bank. The focus of the program is on accelerating leadership readiness to the next level and ultimately the C-suite. Since its inception in 2015, 40 women leaders have participated in the program, including 10 who graduated in March. 2020. Of these, 50% of the graduates of the program have been promoted or expanded their responsibilities, skills and experience through new roles.

Participants are challenged to look inward, outward and forward to apply their leadership abilities through skill building, coaching and exposure to improve business results. Through this experience, these women leaders gain knowledge for authentic leadership through understanding and nurturing their distinctive strengths and talents. Former women in leadership stay in touch with each other, build community within the Bank and continue to work on their development plans.

Being intentional and transparent in our investment in women benefits not only the women participating in the program, but the business as a whole, other people who aspire to the program, and the sponsors who invest in program participants.

The following excerpt is taken from Bancorp 2020 fifth third environmental, social and governance report starting on page 73.

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