Houston councilman launches jobs website to help fight crime

Another crime-fighting tool is now being used here in Houston.


The New Weapon is actually a website that takes you to hundreds of jobs available here in Houston. How does this crime crackdown work?

“When you think about crime, most of the time it’s not because people want to commit crimes,” says Houston City Councilman Edward Pollard. “It’s because they may have a lack of training, a lack of educational opportunities, a lack of employment.”

So, in an effort to fight crime, the councilman, who represents District J on the southwest side of Houston, has created a new job fair at your fingertips, if you will. All you need to do is visit the website titled: District J Jobs to access this job expo, which lists hundreds of job openings in Houston.

“The great thing about District J Jobs is that it has everything from entry-level positions to employment opportunities for those with graduate degrees,” Councilman Pollard said.

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“This is one website that brings together so many different professions in one field, so you won’t have to go from site to site.” Pollard adds. Some of the employers you will find on the site include. “We have the city of Houston as a major employer. We have all of our universities, our public school system, different real estate opportunities, law firms.”

Houston METRO is also hiring and is featured on districtjjobs.com. Bus operators, for example, start at $17 per hour, and METRO Mechanics starts at $28 per hour.

“And we’re offering great incentives to attract the best and the brightest. New bus operators will receive $4,000 in incentive compensation and new mechanics up to $8,000,” said Houston METRO CEO, Tom Lambert, and he also points out that employees can ride METRO. free.

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Speaking of METRO, at all bus shelters in District J, you can simply scan a QR code on the flyers that are now displayed to access the new jobs site. “You hold your camera up to this code. You click. It will take you to districtjjobs.com.” Pollard demonstrates using his phone.

“I think it’s the best idea,” says Houston resident Lakorra Mason. “Especially with COVID, there are so many unemployed people who need a job and don’t know where to look. So this will be a great resource.”