How employee development reduces turnover


A company-wide focus on training and development means setting goals for both the organization and for individual employees. For example, Hubert says employee performance metrics can be linked to the company’s strategic plan to help align training with organizational goals, but personalized goals can help keep employees engaged while improving. business results.

“Working with your employees to establish their personalized goals and communicate them can be a motivator,” says Hubert. “When your manager knows exactly what he needs to accomplish to help the business and advance his career, he is more likely to perform well. “

Yet it is just as crucial that organizations implement tools that help employees achieve these goals. One effective way to achieve this is to give employees access to digital learning platforms like Hotschedules’ LMS powered by SchooX to not only train workers and keep them engaged in learning, but also help the organization to take the training and identify high potential team members. . This platform, for example, has a mobile application that can be used like YouTube to access training content, thus making it easier for employees to use. It also tracks performance, employee skill levels, time spent on training, reporting on key performance indicators and organizational goals, as well as those at the personal level, all on one platform. form. Managers can also track performance and provide feedback at any time.

Using this platform, Hubert says some brands, such as Atlanta-based quick-service restaurant Krystal, have already achieved impressive results.

“The platform’s highly customizable and easy-to-use interface has helped the Krystal team train employees and manage their career paths. By using SchooX to focus more on its employees, Krystal saw a 30% reduction in revenue. And by using the platform to train employees on product consistency, the brand also achieved a 5% increase in overall customer satisfaction scores.

By helping employees achieve their personal goals, restaurants earn more than lower turnover rates – they can make their businesses more efficient, too. “People want to come to work every day and feel fulfilled by having a meaningful impact,” says Hubert. “The more you know, the more you do. “

Visit the HotSchedules LMS website powered by SchooX to learn more about how the platform can help your restaurant.

By Peggy Carouthers