Hylan Launches ‘Hylan Academy’ – A Comprehensive Employee Development and Training Program in Utility Construction


Slade ottney, President of Hylan West, a division of Hylan, led the company in launching Hylan Academy. “We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Hylan Academy, a cutting edge program that will be a great way to quickly and effectively attract more skilled workers to our industry,” said Ottney. “The full program will focus on teaching the industry best practice methodology to create and prepare a sustainable workforce capable of building to be more efficient in a shorter time frame with the experience to mitigate loss of work due to return trips or quality problems. “

The utility construction industry, just like any commercial industry, requires skilled workers to perform the trade. This comes with varying levels of success based on the mentoring and training abilities of those before us to impart the qualities of productive work.

“At Hylan, we really value our people,” says Joe cecin, CEO of Hylan. “We need to make sure that our existing Hylan family is supported in the field, and we want to make sure that all new interns feel comfortable and in control of our operations. Hylan Academy will ensure that both of these goals are met, and the program supports our core values. We are very excited to get started and do our part to ensure a more sustainable workforce for both Hylan and the industry as a whole. “

To learn more about Hylan Academy, visit https://hylan.com/hylan-academy/.

About Hylan

Hylan is a leading provider of full-service turnkey communications solutions, electrical infrastructure design and construction services for wired, wireless and smart municipal services across United States. Hylan is the parent company of four divisions which include Hylan Datacom & Electrical, Hylan West, Down Under Construction and Western Utility. Hylan Companies offers a full range of services, including communication and power infrastructure design, DAS and small cell installations, engineering, construction and maintenance services, and more. Originally founded as Hylan Datacom & Electrical over 60 years ago in New York City, Hylan now serves a wide variety of end markets across the United States, with current offices and facilities in new York, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Virginia. Backed by private equity firms Flexis Capital and TZP Capital Partners to accelerate its growth strategy, Hylan plans further expansions in the United States in 2021 and beyond. Visit https://hylan.com or more information.



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