Kickstart Essex shows high employment rate after completion

ESSEX Council have given an update on a service it launched in March last year to help young people.

Kickstart Essex was launched to help unemployed people between the ages of 16 and 24 applying for universal credit.

The service is a gateway to the government start-up program and eligible individuals have the opportunity to apply for government-funded internships.

As of January, 87% of successful kickstart graduates had obtained employment after placement.

Tony Ball, Essex councilor responsible for excellence in education, lifelong learning and employability, was encouraged by the results.

He said: “When we decided to become a gateway for the programme, our aims were to ensure that employers and young people were supported by us.

“It was for both of them to have a positive experience and lead to permanent employment opportunities at the end.”

A total of 55 young people successfully completed the scheme, 48 of whom moved on to permanent employment and 34 were hired by companies that recruited them via kickstart.

There are still starter vacancies available until the end of March 2022, for more details visit