Lattice Launches Grow, Fueling Meaningful Career Conversations For Employee Development


SAN FRANCISCO, September 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Lattice, the leading people management platform for people-centric companies, today announced the launch of Grow, a new career development product within the platform Lattice. Grow ensures transparency of employee career paths by highlighting advancement paths and actionable development plans while providing managers with traceable data insights. The announcement was made at Resources for Humans Virtual, Lattice’s annual People Strategy Conference.

Career planning that is only discussed during performance reviews is ineffective. Grow integrates skill matrices and career paths into the Lattice platform so that any employee can navigate their career advancement roadmap quickly and easily. Through its integration with Lattice Performance – which includes 1: 1 ratings, comments and peer reviews – Grow offers a more intuitive and comprehensive assessment of current skills and professional interests of employees, as well as visibility into the next stages of growth. By providing employees with specific areas of interest and direction, managers can help employees develop in the areas their business needs and values ​​to positively impact business growth.

As a management tool, Grow enables leaders to view, configure, and track development metrics and key growth areas for each member of their team. Incorporating career development information into regularly used tools makes growth conversations more consistent and easier. This transparency is essential to give employees the information they need to continue to take the next step and feel supported in their careers and reduce attrition.

The competency matrices in Grow also complement companies’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DCI) efforts by setting objective and observable targets for each level of a role, and making them easy to find and to be referenced by ICs and managers. This helps to eliminate unconscious bias when evaluating performance and promotion criteria.

“Employees want more than a paycheck,” said Jack altman, co-founder and CEO of Lattice. “They want to understand how they impact the big picture and what they can do to successfully reach their career goals. We see Grow as a natural progression in our company’s mission to make work meaningful. “

A growth mindset is at the heart of all successful organizational cultures. With Lattice Grow, leadership teams and HR organizations have the opportunity to increase this focus across the individuals in their organization. This idea gained further momentum during the pandemic, as normal practices that encourage momentum and continuity became essential for employees seeking a continuous structure and opportunities for growth in a remote environment.

“Even when I have worked in progressive organizations that value career development, we have never had a tool to easily facilitate development plans based on career paths,” said Nicole hopkins, director of human resources at Webflow. “Lattice Grow is the missing piece of holistic talent management. “

With the addition of Grow, Lattice is the only unified performance management, employee engagement and career growth platform designed for people strategy. Learn more about Grow and how it works with the Lattice platform by visiting:

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Lattice is the personnel management platform that enables personnel managers to develop committed and efficient teams. By combining continuous performance management, employee engagement and employee development in a single solution, HR and People teams get powerful, real-time analytics that drive actionable insights turning managers into leaders, employees into high performing employees and companies in the best places to work. Situated at San Francisco, Lattice serves over 2,000 customers, including Slack, Postmates, Cruise, and Reddit, and has been ranked # 1. 22 on the 2020 Inc. list of the fastest growing 5,000 private companies. Learn more about Lattice by visiting:

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