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SDLP’s Sinéad McLaughlin said the new Executive and Assembly must take action to dramatically increase employment in Northern Ireland in order to reduce poverty.

The Chairman of the Executive Office Committee was speaking after the committee considered the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s report ‘Poverty in Northern Ireland 2022’.

The report found that the low employment rate here is a key driver of poverty.

MP Foyle said: “The Rowntree report shines a light on the poverty here, its causes and its solutions.

“Above all, we must act to increase the employment rate, which is the lowest in the UK. This low employment rate and the low wages of many workers are important causes of the poverty that the north is experiencing. of Ireland.

“When a new government is formed, it is essential that it takes stronger and more effective measures to increase the employment rate.

“This has remained weak throughout the DUP’s 15 years of economic policy management.

“The two pillars of reform are to increase skills across the North and get more people of working age into work, which requires significant investment in affordable child care and a legal right for parents.” access to at least 30 hours of childcare.

“As MP for Foyle, I am particularly distressed that the Derry City and Strabane Council area has the highest poverty rate.

“The analysis of other sources shows that our region suffers a lot from low wages.

“The new executive and its ministers must recognize that a fair and regionally balanced economy is essential. The abandonment of certain regions by the succession of economic ministers of the DUP must stop.

“I very much welcome Rowntree’s other action proposals, which involve more new construction of social housing; greater investment in low-cost renewable heating systems in social housing; and more effective regulation of private rental accommodation.

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