Nebraska employment rate hits new high, revenue beats forecast – Syracuse Journal-Democrat

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released Nebraska’s May employment data on Friday, June 17. Employment in Nebraska set a new record high of 1,042,762. This is the 11th consecutive month of record employment in the state. Additionally, Nebraska’s unemployment rate remains the lowest in the nation and in state history at 1.9%.

This growth contributed to another month of strong state General Fund tax revenue. In May, revenue exceeded forecasts by more than $52 million. May’s tax receipts put Nebraska on track to have more than $1.8 billion in its cash reserve by the end of fiscal year 2023.

“Nebraskans have an unmatched work ethic, which is reflected in our nation-leading workforce numbers,” Governor Pete Ricketts said. “My administration is committed to making it easier to do business in Nebraska, and communities across the state have done a great job attracting investment. We are seeing the fruits of these efforts with impressive growth in the Good Life. Our strong momentum will allow us to sustain the historic tax relief of 2022 with even more tax cuts in 2023.”

Nebraska Employment Statistics for May 2022 (Preliminary)

Unemployment rate: 1.9%

#1 in the country

The lowest unemployment rate in the country’s history

Lowest unemployment rate in Nebraska history

Labor force participation: 70.0%

#1 in the country

Employment-to-population ratio: 68.7%

#1 in the country