Netherlands – Director of employment agency convicted of defrauding tax administration to the tune of € 2 million

October 19, 2021

According to, the director of a bankrupt employment agency has to reimburse nearly € 800,000 to the Dutch state for large-scale wage fraud and bankruptcy fraud.

In addition to the sum of money, the man, who lives in Germany, was also sentenced to 33 months in prison by the East Brabant court last week.

As the director of a bankrupt employment agency, the man had withdrawn a substantial sum from the estate to the detriment of the creditors of the estate. In three other employment offices for which he was responsible, in Kerkrade, Heerlen, Valkenswaard and Eindhoven, it was established that between 2014 and 2017, a structurally insufficient payroll tax had been paid.

According to the court, the man had set up a network of legal persons using, among other things, straw men with whom he could make large sums of money disappear. The judges accused this construction of having been put in place by him only to be able to commit fraud.

In pronouncing their sentence, the court also took into account the fact that the suspect did not cooperate during the investigation and that around 2 million euros of funds that he had hidden from the tax authorities still have not found.

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