New eight-fold module aims to link employee development to strategy


Eightfold AI has added a new module, Career Hub, to its talent management platform. The product is designed to give both HR and employees more flexibility in their approach to development by providing information and advice within a single platform.

To do this, the platform leverages AI, multiple data sources, and matching algorithms in a comprehensive user experience. Eightfold’s underlying global data helps the system take into account the availability, maturity, relevance, learning and evolution of skills in the global market, which helps companies to be specific in their programs. upgrading and retraining, the company said.

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Eightfold said the Career Hub is intended to help HRDs align business goals with employee career goals. “As remote and hybrid work environments become the norm, HR business leaders need in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of their entire workforce,” the company said.

Career Hub features

The Career Hub is available in 15 languages ​​and can meet the needs of full-time and casual workers. Among other things, it helps employees to:

  • Keep profiles up to date by automatically updating them through integration with collaboration tools, task management systems, project management suites and other legacy systems.
  • Trace their career path in the daily workflow and discover internal opportunities to acquire new skills and abilities.
  • Develop new capabilities with real-world projects in a talent marketplace that offers experiential learning.
  • Work directly with recommended mentors and peer programs.

Octfold AI CEO Ashutosh Garg observed that employees today are looking for organizations that will invest in their long-term success. “You can’t ask them to go to five different places, or rely on a simple talent market, to achieve their goals,” he said. Eightfold set itself “to solve this exact problem, and the result is a scalable AI platform that places career development and growth at the center of every employee.” “

In January, Eightfold and the contingent workforce management platform PRO Unlimited announced an agreement under which PRO will integrate Eightfold technology. The companies said that combining Eightfold’s talent intelligence capabilities with PRO’s data and technical tools will help Global 2000 companies better identify, hire and secure casual workers around the world.

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