New podcast series explores employee development in a


St. Paul, Minnesota, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – New podcast series explores employee development

in a rapidly changing workplace

On June 29, 2021, the Academy of Human Resources Development (AHRD) publishes its new “Masterclass on human resources development”Podcast series to explore the fundamentals of human resource development and how these are changing in the workplace of the 2020s.

The first ten-episode series focuses on different aspects of human resource development and features 24 leading authors, academics and researchers from around the world in conversation with podcast host Darren Short, who has 29 years of experience in HRD and was AHRD President from 2012 to 2014. The 24 guests include seven members of the HRD Scholar Hall of Fame and nine Outstanding HRD Scholar Award recipients. All episodes are between 60 and 90 minutes in length and contain a one-on-one conversation with each guest, as well as a group chat where all the guests are together to discuss their common interest in the topic of the episode.

“The Human Resource Development Masterclass” podcast series from the Human Resource Development Academy is a must-have for leaders and facilitators of learning, development and change in organizations. “ said Dr Laura Bierema, University of Georgia, President of AHRD. “Insights from visiting scholars and practitioners will elevate your thinking and practice towards creating sustainable, people-centered workplaces with evidence-based HRD knowledge. “

The podcast series was created for the Academy of Human Resource Development by ALLbyPODCAST, a podcast production company.

Target audience

The new podcast series will be of interest to HRD practitioners working in the areas of talent development, learning and development, corporate training, leadership development, coaching, career development and organizational development. Additionally, podcast episodes will be leveraged by universities and colleges around the world as part of their human resource development diplomas and degrees as an opportunity to hear from expert leaders in the field.

Topics covered

The ten episodes of Series 1 cover:

  • History and foundations of human resource development.
  • Learning and development in organizations.
  • Organizational development,
  • Strategic development of human resources.
  • Training and development.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations.
  • Career development.
  • Intercultural issues in the development of human resources.
  • Human resource development assessment.
  • Critical development of human resources.

Release schedule

Release of the first two episodes on June 29e

  • Episode 1 focuses on HR Director History & Foundations, featuring Dr Richard Swanson, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, and Dr Linda Perriton, University of Stirling in Scotland.
  • Episode 2 focuses on Learning and development in organizations, with Dr. Karen Watkins (University of Georgia), Dr. Victoria Marsick (Columbia University) and Geleana Alston (North Carolina A&T State University).

After the first two episodes come out, the other eight come out once a week.

Bonus material is available exclusively to AHRD members. The episodes include an edited version of a panel discussion where the episode’s guest researchers discuss topics related to the subject of that episode. Unedited, these chats last 40 to 55 minutes, and only an edited 20-minute version is included in the podcast episode. Members of the Academy of Human Resource Development have access to the full unedited version through the AHRD website.


About the Academy of Human Resources Development

The Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) is the global professional organization of academics and reflective HRD practitioners. Founded in 1993, AHRD conducts academic conferences and webinars, sponsors peer-reviewed journals on HRD, and provides its members with access to continuing professional development. This is AHRD’s first podcast series.

Additional information about the podcast is available on the AHRD Podcast website.


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