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One of the scariest parts of starting a new job is learning the ropes of how things work, whether it’s technically or how to save your hours. But for the employees in the High Power Microwave (HPM) Technology Development branch, all they had to do was walk into Victor ‘Vic’ Gehman Jr.’s office.

“Before the pandemic started and I had an office, people felt free to stop. I try to keep a welcoming atmosphere in my office because I was once new, ”said Gehman, senior scientist in the HPM Technology Development Division.

Gehman started in the Dahlgren Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWCDD) in 1979. Gehman, who has a doctorate in physics, had just completed his graduate studies when he joined the NSWCDD team.

“While attending classes, I used my free time for about nine months to train and certify with the Naval Research Center as a reactor operator for a small research reactor at Virginia Tech,” a- he declared. “The other operators were former nuclear war guys, and that’s where my interest in the Navy started.”

Prior to joining the HPM technology development branch eight years ago, Gehman worked in various other branches, including Pulsed Power.

“The people at Pulsed Power are involved in a number of different technologies. In HPM, we develop things. Modern systems are so complex. Just as a warship is a system of systems, HPM technologies are carried out in a cooperative environment, ”explained Gehman. “We do applied research on almost every aspect of HPM, and then we try to find out how well things work, how efficient they are – including how much energy they use – and the space they will take up on a ship. “

As the senior scientist of the HPM branch, Gehman is a natural leader. In 2019, Gehman received the Employee Development Award from the NSWCDD, for his “technical advice and guidance during his forty plus years of experience in government”.

According to the award citation, Gehman has been instrumental in growing the next generation of Dahlgren leaders – while “increasing the size of the Navy’s directed energy workforce, providing key mentorship. through its daily technical work “.

“It’s an honor to win this award, but at the same time, I think it mostly means that I’m doing a good job doing what I’m supposed to do as a senior employee,” said Gehman, humbly.

As a recipient of the Employee Development Award, Gehman is recognized for creating a positive work environment conducive to employee growth, fostering employee motivation and commitment to the organization.


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