Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. You are reading Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, an international Entrepreneur Media franchise. Screenshot A photo from ‘The Office’ Investing in employee development is the key to the health, success and future of your business. Fostering the physical, emotional and intellectual space allowing employeesRead More →

The growth of each organization is reflected in the individual and cooperative growth of their employees. Therefore, it becomes a major concern for every organization to ensure the growth and development of its employees. To achieve this, there are many employee development ideas that can be used. Some may inRead More →

Some of CU Boulder’s most essential employees, those who are on the front lines and help with the day-to-day operation of the campus as caretakers, accommodation and catering cooks, and employees in other positions, are improving their proficiency in the field. English through the Employee English Program. Just over aRead More →

Business organizations are investing more and more in employee development. In fact, a Bersin study found that spending on staff development initiatives among UK companies increased by 11% between 2014 and 2015. Monika Gotzmann, EMEA Marketing Director at Miller Heiman Group is exploring ways to design solutions. employee development strategiesRead More →

Reading time: 4 minutes. “Are employees getting what they need from their employers when it comes to learning and performance management? This question was the starting point for discovering the gaps between perception and reality through the different aspects of talent management. The results were interesting at all levels, especiallyRead More →

squeeze /Pixabay Do you plan to implement a formalized employee development program? It is an investment that is likely to pay off. Organizations with a career development program in place benefit from up to 250% more productivity. And the benefits don’t stop there. Reduced turnoverhigher employee contract levels, increased innovationRead More →

It’s surprising that leaders don’t care about retaining their top talent. Well, that’s the message when companies don’t actively support employee development. In a recent ATD webcast, a major challenge shared by attendees was to engage managers and leaders in supporting employee development in their organizations. Conversely, best practice companiesRead More →

With every half-full glass comes a half-empty glass. The good news is that we are out of the Great Recession and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that our unemployment rate is 5.3%. Naturally, workers are more confident about the job prospects. Here’s the half-empty news: With thisRead More →

April 17, 2014 A new website has been launched that makes it easier and faster for Bermuda residents to find employment, benefiting both employers and job seekers in its functionality and user-friendliness. Using Watson.bm, those looking for a job on the website can upload their resumes and browse available positionsRead More →