RTL Today – National employment agency: Unemployment rate down by almost 17% compared to 2021

As of June 30, 13,638 residents were registered with the National Employment Agency (ADEM). This is a decrease of 2,764 people or 16.9% compared to the same period last year.

The unemployment rate in Luxembourg is currently 4.7%, up only 0.1% compared to May 2022, according to ADEM.

The number of job seekers is down for all categories of job seekers, with the exception of job seekers registered for less than four months. In this category, ADEM observes an increase of 9.6%. In the same context, the Agency also notes that the number of people newly registered with ADEM increased by 2,156 in June.

6,880 residents are currently receiving unemployment benefits, a decrease of 17.8%. In addition, 4,449 people benefit from individual measures.

Finally, ADEM reported a record number of vacant positions at 13,599. In June alone, 4,252 additional vacant positions were registered with the Agency.

Here are the top ten jobs with the most vacancies in June:

  • IT analysis and development: 237
  • Accounting: 195
  • Financial audits and controls: 147
  • Kitchen staff: 133
  • Defense and legal advice: 120
  • Secretariat: 105
  • Financial analysis and engineering: 100
  • Reception service: 92
  • Analysis of credit and banking risks: 83
  • Organization and management consulting: 82