SA employment rate hits record high • Glam Adelaide

The number of South Australians in work has reached a record high, with 11,800 more people employed last month.

Labor force data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows a record 897,100 South Australians are now in employment, in seasonally adjusted terms.

The number of people working full time reached 595,000 – another state record.

Full-time employment has increased by 7,300 and is now nearly 10,000 higher than in March’s national election.

Nationally, the unemployment rate is 3.4%. South Africa’s unemployment rate is 4.1% seasonally adjusted.

Treasurer Stephen Mullighan said: “This is another encouraging result with record numbers of South Australians at work.

“Since the state’s election, nearly 10,000 more people have jobs, and three-quarters of them are employed full-time.

“We know there are tougher times ahead with rising inflation and interest rates at their highest level since 2013.

“That’s why we invest in infrastructure, businesses and events to create jobs today and for the future,” Mullighan said.

Turnout is 63.4%, down from 62.8% last month.

Bjorn Jarvis, head of labor statistics at the ABS, said: “The number of people who worked fewer hours because they were on annual leave increased between September and October, in line with school holidays and days off. holidays. However, the number of people on annual leave in October 2022 was about 10% lower than what we usually see at this time of year,” Mr Jarvis said.

Some of this difference may reflect people who would normally have taken annual leave being rather sick, with around 30% more people than usual working reduced hours in October due to illness.

“While the number of people working fewer hours due to illness was about a third higher than what we usually see in October, it was no longer two to three times higher, as it was the cases earlier in 2022. October was the first month in 2022 that the number of people was below half a million (467,000),” Mr Jarvis said.

For more information, visit the ABS website here.

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