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By Tathagata Mitra

BANGALORE: Salman Khan is always committed to giving back to his fans. His Eid releases aren’t just healthy blockbusters. They are also festive gifts for those who love it. But this time around, Salman is offering his fans more than just a slice of entertainment. With his new job website Being Human Workshop, Salman is now opening up opportunities to anyone in need of a job.

Salman Khan (courtesy Wikipedia)

The website of the Atelier Being Human ( Was launched this Wednesday with the 48-year-old actor sharing the news of his release through various tweets.

“Appna Face book isn’t just to pass the time, use it to find work. #Beinghumanjobs. Kaam ki cheez.

“Everyone on my fb page that doesn’t have a job, I’ve talked to my friends to hire and employ them, obviously you have to meet the requirement.”

The Being Human workshop is part of the Being Human organization, an NGO created by the Bollywood superstar. He deals with various merchandising and marketing products, the profits of which are spent on humanitarian causes in favor of the most disadvantaged. The website is a continuation of the organization where each candidate is offered jobs based on their areas of specialization, interest and qualification.

As Salman tweeted about the job opportunity, thousands of fans flocked, hoping it would give them the opportunity to work with the superstar. As a result, the superstar had to post his third tweet soon on the subject, that the work was not with him or under him, but with different companies that he had previously worked with that were helping him at the moment.

“Oh hi! Jobs mere saath ya mere pass nahi hai, k saath hain from the aglag aglag company I worked with with friends who helped me.

Salman has publicly admitted that many of his fans told him they needed a job, and it was for them that he took the initiative. He said it would be “superb” if his fans could find jobs through this website.

“A lot of the fans said they don’t have any jobs so think about it, it’s great if it works without having a job. Vil bv happy for all of you.


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