Scenthound adds locations to encourage employee development

Scenthound locations in North Atlanta retain valuable employees by promoting from within to create upward mobility for staff and foster a positive work environment. One team member, Ananias Johnson, recently found his calling in keeping dogs healthy and clean as he quickly rose through the ranks at Scenthound.

A solid career foundation

Johnson was introduced to the Scenthound brand by his fiancée, Serenity Carroll, who started working at Dunwoody, Georgia location as Scent Tech (his version of Bather). Scenthound provided Carroll with all the skills and training she needed to grow her career into Trimmer. Seeing how Scenthound facilitated his fiancée’s career aspirations prompted Johnson to join the team in August 2021.

Johnson started working at the company as a customer service representative and was soon promoted to assistant manager at Scenter. After just two months as assistant manager, Johnson was chosen to be the founding manager of the franchise owner’s third unit in Tuckerwhich opened on June 20.

“Ananias is a classic example of our desire to see associates grow to fulfill their potential,” said Bill Gray, owner of the three-site Scenthound franchise in North Atlanta. “Every challenge Ananias has faced he has met with vigor and success. It was a no-brainer to hand him responsibility for our new site at Tucker. I have no doubt he can be even more valuable and take on more responsibility in our organization.

Making employee development a priority helps Scenthound develop a strong leadership team. In addition to caring for the dogs, the company strives to give young people the training they need to become leaders and succeed in their careers. Adding new locations provides new opportunities for employees to reach their potential. Gray plans to open 20 locations in the region by the end of the decade.

Scenthound helps ensure that Johnson receives a good career foundation, as well as a comfortable and stable work environment. “It’s become an integral part of the foundation of my life,” Johnson said. “In my previous positions, I had a job until I didn’t want it anymore and it suited my needs. There’s so much more to experience with Scenthound. There are real connections with others here.

Prior to joining Scenthound in 2021, Johnson held a customer service role at T-Mobile where he was recognized as one of the top performers. The college grad also held a flexible hourly position at QuikTrip, a chain of convenience stores.

Business and Life Courses

Johnson cites management concern and attention as one of the main reasons he enjoys his career at Scenthound. The company makes it a priority to recognize its employees by offering them another level of responsibility if they perform successfully in their current roles.

“There is a lot of concern for me individually at Scenthound, and that comes from Bill and everyone I work with,” Johnson said.

As founding manager of the Tucker location, Johnson Focuses on Membership Presales; track potential customers who responded to Facebook ads and conduct other Scenthound outreach activities. Additional responsibilities also include managing some of the store’s finances, managing the front desk, stocking supplies, and providing high quality customer service.

greyhound is a wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming business, empowering dog parents to ensure their furry friends get the routine care they need. Pet owners can select the most appropriate membership plan for their dog and add additional services as needed. The brand takes its name from the unique approach it takes to grooming by focusing on the five main areas of routine and preventative care for dogs, including Sclose, VSoats, Ears, NOTailments, and Jteeth.

Scenthound locations in North Atlanta include dunwoodyBuckhead in Chestnut Square and Tucker.

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