Thailand’s employment rate set to climb after restrictions ease

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing in Thailand, the country’s employment rate is expected to rise this year. The chief executive of JobsDB, a job search platform, said the platform expects the employment rate in Thailand to jump 20-50%, depending on the sector.

The platform investigated applications last year. The career fields that received the most applications were sales, customer service and business development, with 14.3% of people applying for jobs in these fields. Next, 11.7% of people applied for jobs in marketing and public relations.

But the area with the highest demand for workers right now is in the IT industry. JobsID said that while IT salaries have risen, IT employers are struggling to find enough workers. IT companies are looking for programmers, software developers, data scientists and analysts, among others.

JobsID chief executive Duangporn Promon said workers who have the skills to support the “metaverse” are particularly in demand right now.

Duangporn said companies can better attract new employees by offering hybrid work policies and challenging work. She said hybrid work policies will help companies avoid mass quits. As the United States and Singapore have adapted to remote working, Duangporn said major Thai conglomerates are working there.

She added that with soaring global inflation, “companies need to seek more revenue to raise salaries for their employees to meet higher costs.”

Some Thai officials have tried to help solve the country’s unemployment problems, especially in provinces that have always relied on tourism for their economy. Earlier this month, a job fair in Phuket yesterday brought together more than 30 employers receiving applications from hopeful searchers. Now that Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease, perhaps the authorities’ efforts will bear fruit.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post