Top 5 employee development suggestions

The growth of each organization is reflected in the individual and cooperative growth of their employees. Therefore, it becomes a major concern for every organization to ensure the growth and development of its employees. To achieve this, there are many employee development ideas that can be used. Some may in fact constitute a high budget for the organization while there are still employee development activities which are certainly low cost programs. To help your organization create low-cost employee development programs that are right for your employees, here are some employee development suggestions for you to consider.


Learning within your organization involving your employees can serve as a pathway for their development. Whenever an extra helping hand is needed on a project within the organization, management can use employees to make it happen. It is an avenue to expose them in areas where they would not normally work. This can be both great development opportunities for your employees and help the organization get more work done.

Merit badge process level

Some of the employee development ideas that will allow your employees to improve their skills include creating a level of progression. This process ensures that every employee who reaches a certain level receives a badge of merit. With this merit badge in place, employees will recognize that the organization truly shows recognition for accomplished workers. This will serve as an encouragement as well as an incentive for them to seek personal growth and skill development.

Job sharing and rotation

In addition to serving as apprentices when the need arises, organizations can implement strategies that allow their employees to fill certain jobs at a given time. This is one of the employee development suggestions to be adopted both in training and on an exploratory basis. Employees may be rotated within various departments of the organization from time to time. The process exposes employees to learn and understand all aspects of the organization. This will help test employees for a new role, test their most suitable position, and increase their versatility. The goal can be achieved through cross training of employees.

Define challenges and expectations

Regular quarterly or yearly challenges and tasks are also good for the growth and development of workers. The organization can use this as one of their employee development strategies. Stretched assignments and tasks, when assigned, will increase employee workload and responsibilities. However, it also gives the employee the opportunity to increase his capacity. Organizations should ensure that their employees see and understand how these tasks fit into their career path. When these challenges / tasks are defined, adequate resources to enable them to succeed must also be provided.

Provide adequate feedback

Of all the employee development suggestions listed above, the feedback mechanism works perfectly for every organization. Gone are the days when only senior managers used a feedback mechanism to improve their work and services. Research shows that employees also need feedback for their growth and development. They want to know the areas where their performance was good so that they can maintain it. In places where they performed below expectations, they can also be educated so that they can actually work to improve in those areas.


Other low cost strategies for employee development include creating a career site where employees can view opportunities and available positions. Employee development is more effective if it becomes a corporate culture and is seen as one of the tools for employee retention.