Unemployment increases according to employment agency, TurkStat says otherwise

* Photo: Çanakkale Gündem newspaper

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The Research Center of the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DÄ°SK-AR) released a report shortly after the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), producing official statistics on Turkey, shared its “Statistics on the workforce “for September 2021.

DÄ°SK-AR report draws attention to the difference between TurkStat data and Employment Agency (Ä°ÅžKUR) data.

As recalled by DÄ°SK-AR, according to statistics shared by TurkStat yesterday (November 10), the unemployment rate was 11.5% with a decrease of 0.3 point while the unemployment rate at large , or “inactive labor”, increased by 0.2. peaked at 21.9% in September.

The number of unemployed in Turkey fell from 70,000 in one month to 3.79 million in September, as DÄ°SK-AR referred more to figures from TurkStat. As for the number of unemployed in the broad sense, it was announced at 3 million 794 thousand people by TurkStat.

Commenting on these figures, the DÄ°SK-AR says:

There is a gap between the number of unemployed TurkStat and Ä°ÅžKUR. One of the most important criteria TurkStat uses to consider people as unemployed is that people use one of the active job search channels. Ä°ÅžKUR is the most frequently used channel for job search. However, as the number of unemployed registered with Ä°ÅžKUR has increased, TurkStat reported that the number of unemployed has decreased.

Elaborating further on this gap, the Research Center notes: “According to İŞKUR, the number of registered unemployed increased by 219,000 in September 2021 in one year; however, TurkStat data indicates that it has declined by 160,000 people. The annual difference between TurkStat data and İŞKUR data is 379 thousand.

“İŞKUR’s data is based on records while TurkStat’s data is based on survey. However, the fact that there is such a huge gap between the two data sets poses a serious reliability problem. “

Female unemployment nearly 30%

The DÄ°SK-AR report also addresses female unemployment in Turkey. “Considering the unemployment rates based on gender, female unemployment is the highest of all types of unemployment,” DÄ°SK-AR points out: “The narrow, seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 10% for men. while this rate is 14.6% among women. “

Fearing that the general unemployment rate is 17.8% for men while it is 29.7% for women, the DÄ°SK-AR points out that the gap between the two rates is 11.9% . (HA / SD)

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