Video: CU Boulder Staff Receive English Training Through Employee Development Program | CU Boulder today


Some of CU Boulder’s most essential employees, those who are on the front lines and help with the day-to-day operation of the campus as caretakers, accommodation and catering cooks, and employees in other positions, are improving their proficiency in the field. English through the Employee English Program.

Just over a year ago, the program, offered jointly by Human Resources and the International English Center, was a huge success with over 60 participants.

A unique aspect of the program is that it involves not only the participants, but also their supervisors, to identify strong candidates and job-related topics that would be useful to focus on.

The program has partnered with Athletics, Accommodation and Food Services, Facilities Management, University Memorial Center, Student Recreation Center, and Wardenburg Health Center.

In addition, participants are given a leave of absence from work, working in advance on tasks so that they can attend classes during their regular working hours.

The program is designed to improve employee recruitment and retention and encourage a range of collaborations, from participants and their colleagues to inter-campus partners.

In addition, the program has a career development effect, strengthening the skills and confidence of the participants.

One department said it had 17 internal candidates for a managerial opening, which was a record, attributed in part to the Employee English Program.

A variety of indigenous languages ​​are represented, including Chinese, Nepalese, Lao, Spanish, Tibetan and Vietnamese.