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Published on October 10, 2022 |
by University Communications

The organizers of a new university initiative, Employee Development Day to be held virtually on February 8, 2023, are looking for volunteers to join the steering committee. They are looking for enthusiastic, reliable and friendly people, as well as people who are experienced or new to volunteering. The contribution of the entire university is imperative for the project to succeed.

Employee Development Day is a new event at Saint Leo University that is dedicated to the professional development of all university workers. Whether you’re a new hire or celebrating your 25th job anniversary, professional development is imperative. By engaging in professional development opportunities, you’ll expand your knowledge base, build your confidence, keep up to date with industry trends, and connect with colleagues.

Volunteers are needed for the following positions:

Accessibility Advisor* (one to two needed):
Ensure that all components of the event are accessible (communications, events and resources)
Qualities: This person should have experience with accessibility compliance and be detail oriented.

Department Description Responsible*** (one to two needed):
Write and organize department description summaries. Service descriptions (who they are and what they do) will be transformed into a shared resource for all employees.
Qualities: This person should be comfortable reaching out to people, adept at synthesizing responses into easy-to-read stories, and adept at proofreading.

Event Promoters* (one to 10 needed):
Help promote the event in your area of ​​the university. Help spread information and ask questions of the organizers.
Qualities: This person should be excited about the event, help spread the news, and bring questions or concerns to the planning committee.

Marketing Officer** (one to two needed):
Ensure all marketing materials are produced in a timely manner and meet expectations, in partnership with University Brand Marketing & Communications.
Qualities: This person must be detail-oriented, organized and have a sense of aesthetics.

Partner Outreach Manager** (one to two needed):
Seek sponsorships for food and swag from community partners.
Qualities: This person should have ideas for community partnerships and be enthusiastic about reaching out and organizing sponsors.

Session Moderators* (four to six needed):
Moderate virtual event sessions, including introducing the presenter and helping manage the technical aspects of the session
Qualities: This person should be reliable and punctual, comfortable speaking to session groups, and comfortable running sessions on Zoom with intermediate troubleshooting skills.

Additional event organizer** (one to four needed):
Host concurrent events during the event period (e.g. a special sporting or tailgating event, pre-event webinars, or meals if sponsors are acquired)
Qualities: This person must have ideas for additional events, be very organized and motivated. This person can organize a team to help plan these events.

University Community Manager *** (one to two needed):
Hold short one-on-one chats with department heads and event organizers to gather information about session needs and event timing for all employees. Also work on the Employee Spotlight series leading up to the event.
Qualities: This person should be highly organized and have basic relationships with most department heads or be enthusiastic about meeting new people.

Time Commitment Key
*Rare: Attend meetings related to your specific task (for example, moderators will meet once before the event).
**Casual: Attend monthly committee meetings, plus extra time to complete projects.
***Usual: Attend monthly committee meetings, plus one or two extra hours per week to complete duties as needed.

If you are interested in joining the steering committee, please fill out the form using the following link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/570affed45df493496b2ac9d3777091b.

Please contact Heather Johnson at [email protected] with any questions.

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