We have created 145,000 jobs since 2017 – Youth employment agency


Fordjour speaking on the interventions and policy initiatives introduced by the YEA which has created more than 145,000 since 2017, which include the YEA Jobcentre which connects job seekers with employers, the Directory of Craftsmen, young people in the elite sports, the tutoring program and the flagship program among many others. others have declared two thousand three hundred (2,300) vacancies waiting to be matched with potential employees on its portal.

Speaking on Accra-based Starr FM, he said: “With YEA when we started it was the public sector, but looking at how many people come out of our universities and polytechnics each year. , the YEA decided to move, not in its entirety, from the public sector, but to involve the private sector as well. ”

“For now, as I speak to you, we have a lot of jobs on our portal. We have been able to recruit 4,000 and we still have, in different job sections, from entry level to management level.” , did he declare. added.

He noted, “With 145,000 jobs created in the past four years, we should be able to double that number. Over the next four years, the president has said he wants to create a million jobs, which means we’re going to get the support of the finance ministry, the presidency. ”


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