Wok i Kik – Vanuatu’s first employment website opens

Port Vila, Vanuatu, November 11, 2009 – (PR.com) – Youth Challenge Vanuatu today launched its new employment website www.wokikik.com

Priscilla Samson, Head of Employment Services, leads the Wok I Kik team. many positive comments. We already have over 350 jobs on the website.

Wok i Kik allows users to sign up to receive a job alert email 2-3 times per week containing a summary of all vacancies in Vanuatu.

“If you see a job you like, just click on the link to go to our website which has all the details you need to apply. It is really simple and easy to use. Ms. Samson said.

“So far we’ve had all kinds of different people signing up to receive the email,” Ms. Samson said, “young people looking for their first job, people who are already working but wanting to change. jobs and students studying abroad who want to see what jobs are out there. when they get home “

The jobs on the website are not just for young people, they cover all jobs in Vanuatu.

“With an increasing number of people in Vanuatu having access to computers and the internet through their work, internet cafes or youth centers like Youth Challenge and Wan Smol Bag, this website can now reach a large number of people. “

“I am delighted that Youth Challenge is running this service with funding provided by ILO and Oxfam Australia,” said Sandra Moore, National Director of Youth Challenge, “Wok i Kik makes it easier for employers to post a job offer and easier for people looking for a job to find out about these vacancies ”

“It works well with our other youth programs such as Ready for Work, Ready for Business, Future Leaders Program, Rural Community Projects. Wok i Kik is the first of several other employment services that we will be offering in the near future.

If you would like to receive the Wok i Kik email, go to www.wokikik.com and fill out the form with your email address.


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