Workplace Culture Tips: This Is The Focus Of Employee Development

In a 2021 Monster report, 45% of employees surveyed said they would be more likely to stay in their current job if they were offered more training. Therefore, companies should focus on career development of their employees and they will be rewarded with better performance and better retention.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Hue Harguindeyguy, CHRO at BlueStacks, shared, “People are at the heart of the organization, so HR policies and protocols should be designed to create and maintain a positive work culture that promotes good -being and growth of employees. closely related to job performance.

He advised, “It is essential for managers to remember that employee satisfaction is directly proportional to productivity and performance excellence. New-era organizations that work with young talent and aspiring professionals need to engage with them and empower them through better engagement and by providing opportunities for learning and growth.

Dr. Shaju George, a specialist psychiatrist, said, “Culture says it all, it predicts it all, and it fuels every development, whether it’s a workplace or a society. Workplace culture provides insight into employee attrition, retention, extent of career advancement, and team cohesion. An organization that truly respects the efforts made by its large group of workers at the grassroots level can build an organizational pyramid over them. Here, the team leader, who is at the top of this pyramid, believes in teamwork (TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More). They give their team confidence by validating, acknowledging and appreciating their efforts.

He explained, “A healthy dialogue is the very heart of a good work culture that instills confidence in every employee. An organization with a culture of setting SMART goals and instilling the importance of time management helps employees achieve their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and thus helps build a better employer-employee relationship. A healthy work culture where we can see better retention and a very low attrition rate is the dream organization come true for any mid-career employee. »

According to Dr. Shaju George, any organization that values ​​work-life balance ensures a very healthy work culture in which every employee can give their best as career goals. He said: “Employees of this era look at an organization with a long history of a good work culture, considering that the number one criterion for choosing a position in this company. An organization with a good corporate culture nurtures the strengths of an employee while that of a bad one hinders their development.