Zagreb County employment rate increases 3.3%

August 4, 2021 – The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has threatened jobs like never before, countries that rely heavily on tourism are suffering unimaginable uncertainty. Croatia is one of them. However, things are slowly recovering and Zagreb County’s employment rate has increased.

The economic problems in Croatia were not “born” when the pandemic hit the world, but they were certainly exacerbated exponentially by intermittent lockdowns and problems with transport, travel and tourism. While Zagreb County’s employment rate may not be what you expect to see significant growth compared to the coast, things are looking up.

Like Poslovni Dnevnik writes, with the highest total turnover of 6.1 billion kuna in 2020 and the highest number of employees – 2,377, Lidl Hrvatska (Croatia) from Velika Gorica near the city of Zagreb maintained its dominant role among leading companies based in Zagreb County.

The biggest exporter was the Hospira Zagreb company of Prigorje Brdovecki (809.5 million kuna), according to Fina, who, for the year 2020 dominated by the pandemic, gives a good picture of the economy of Zagreb County in which 9,258 companies were headquartered last year. With its 63,044 employees, there is a 3.3 percent increase in employment levels in Zagreb County.

The average monthly net salary of employees in Zagreb County was 6,144 kuna, which is 2.7% more than in 2019 and 2.9% more than the average for this category at the Croatian level.

According to the AFS treaty for 2020, companies operating in this Croatian mainland county achieved 56.9 billion kuna in total revenue (0.1% more than in 2019).

Compared to other counties, Zagreb County ranks very well according to a number of indicators: it is in fifth place according to the number of companies having their headquarters there, third according to the number of employees, second according to total income and realized net profit, and number one according to the labor productivity indicator measured by net profit and number of employees, which currently makes it the best in the country in this regard.

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